Smoothie Bar

Emporia Fitness is equipped with a smoothie bar so customers can enjoy a nutritious, tasty treat after their workouts. Dr. Smoothie’s fruit smoothies include a special blend of the finest quality whole crushed fruit (puree), juice concentrates and a custom formulated super anti-oxidant blend of vitamins and minerals for good health. You can customize your drinks to meet your taste and health expectations. Add nutritional complements for that super-charged smoothie that your body craves. Each smoothie is all natural, fat free, lactose free with no preservatives or artificial flavors. Each one provides 3 servings of fruit and tastes great. Some of the flavors include: strawberry, wild cherry cranberry, pineapple paradise, peach pear apricot, mango tropics, four berry and strawberry banana.

Have a craving for something chocolate? PB&J? Veggie Delight? We have all sorts of smoothie concoctions that can satisify any craving! Our smoothies can be used as a meal replacement, or a quick on the go snack!